Social Innovation

Social Innovation

Pioneering New Concepts to Resolve Pressing Social Challenges

There is a need for creativity for many funders and non-profit organizations to solve complex issues, including pressing societal issues: searching for and working on innovative ideas that could lead to a breakthrough change. Yet philanthropists and social welfare leaders frequently struggle to recognize, far less intentionally and systematically, what innovation means for them and their organizations.

You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.– Zig Ziglar

What We Are Offering:

The convergence of diverse forces generates exciting opportunities for breakthroughs in how public challenges are solved, such as digital and evolving technology, new ways of connecting people and coordinating work, and innovative ideas from all over the world and throughout sectors.

Our Organization helps funders and entrepreneurs make sense of emerging theory and experience in innovation and represents recent developments in the social sector commercial innovation strategy.

Specific focus areas include:

  • Funding Innovations That Are Breakthrough – Different methods, frameworks, and mechanisms require actively seeking and funding transformative innovations than more conventional grantmaking. We support philanthropic organizations and individuals involved in funding breakthrough social innovation to build more intentional sourcing methods, selecting, promoting, evaluating, and scaling breakthrough ideas.
  • Challenging The Advancement Of Modern Techniques Through Established Orthodoxies –Each Organization has its sharing of orthodoxies, firmly held assumptions that may or may not still be right about “how things are done” but often go unstated and unchallenged and may over time become blind spots. To recognize unproductive orthodoxies, we collaborate with funders and organizations, questioning these calcified procedures and processes necessary and dynamically re-imagining new and more efficient ways of achieving organizational goals.
  • Crafting Portfolios Of Inventions – Creating new ideas is the easiest way for some non-profits and social entrepreneurs, but handling them is challenging. This web of ideas transforms more often than not into a frustratingly chaotic series of goods and technologies that are not always well-matched with the purpose and philosophy of change of an organization. We partner with the social sector leaders to help make sense of their current portfolios of innovation, rationalize their investment in new offerings and programs, and generate new successful efforts.