IoT,AI and Industry 4.0

IoT, AI and Industry 4.0

In this world of industry 4.0 where inter connectivity, automation, machine learning, real-time data analysis is going on in full throttle, managing the business using the latest technologies becomes eminent. Business growth and sustainability are directly related to better-connected ecosystems and depend on their ability to face challenges related to these things across processes, partners, products, and people.

If you invent a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, so machines can learn, that is worth 10 Microsofts.– Bill Gates

We help you in implementing the topmost business model of Industry 4.0

Better Interconnectedness through IoT

Internet of Things or IoT is a network of interrelated devices machines, objects, animals, and people that have unique identifiers and they can transfer data over the network without requiring human to human or human to computer interaction. For example, a person’s heart monitor implant is a thing, a farm animal’s biochip transponder, car’s sensors which alert the driver that tire pressure is low, all of these things comprise the internet of things. Every single thing here can be assigned its own IP address and it transfers data over a network.

All internet of Things objects isthe web-enabled meaning they are smart devices so that they can use embedded systems such as processors, sensors, and communication hardware to collect, send and act on data they are acquiring from their environment. All of the devices are connected to an IoT gateway or other device where data is sent over the cloud or analyzed locally which they are collecting from their senses.

We offer-           

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning for business processing with the topmost efficiency to manage information across the organization like never before
  2. Use of big data by compiling, storing, organizing, and then finally analyzing them to reveal patterns, trends, associations, and opportunities specifically for your business
  3. Collection and conversion of different types of information into digital format i.e. Digitization
  4. Real-time data processing providing near-time outputs and insights into various things related to business
  5. Better transparency in data-related aspects of manufacturing and marketing operation

AI is the new future

Nowadays every other website, app, game, or productivity tool is referencing Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the secret ingredient in their recipe for success. Better user experience through the use of this tool is being sold at every corner of the market. But how does it work?

AI is basically a technology that is designed to operate in a way that can imitate human behavior. The technology that is available today is not perfect to do so but it can mimic some part of the human especially mimicking the human learning curve. Similar to humans, AI isn’t born perfect meaning they learn, fail, and then adapt themselves to do the job with better efficiency next time. They do so by taking information or data, processing it, analyzing it, and storing the relevant information for future use.

Every single part of AI is made upon the blueprint of the human mind. Since the human mind works through millions of neural connections, scientists are going for creating those connections in machines so that it can function asthe brain in layers over some time. As more and more experiments are being done regularly, AI is advancing towards mimicking the human brain more strongly. Virtual AI assistants like Amy, built by, can help you in booking meetings and scheduling your appointments, Apple’s Siri answers basic questions, Diamond helps you in managing your emails. But what the problem is that they function in a set sphere of rules and can’t go beyond or think for themselves.

In terms of AI, we offer –

  1. AI-enabled supply chain management and optimization for greater insight, control, and data visibility across the entire supply chain using which organization can deliver products and services to market in a faster and cheaper way.
  2. AI enables you to predict the maintenance and output results in a more sophisticated and crude form enabling organizations to better function across all levels of their proficiency.
  3. Predictive analytics using machine learning
  4. Data exploration and analysis such as financial budgeting and planning using AI
  5. Business user reporting and operational reports in a better format
  6. Asset Tracking and optimization using AI allows businesses to optimize opportunities related to logistics