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    Facts Don't Lie:

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    Projects Experience

    Cost Overrun


    Project Failures are Caused by Poor Communication


    Time on Unproductive



    Projects take 20% longer than expected and are over budget by 80%

    Advantages of Utilizing

    Integrated Construction Insights

    Real-time construction insights allow for more efficient and effective project management.

    They provide up-to-date information on progress, issues, and potential delays, allowing for quick decision making and adjustments as needed.

    Real-time data can also be used to identify and address potential safety hazards on the construction site.

    By identifying potential issues early on and taking steps to mitigate them, real-time insights can help prevent cost overruns.

    Real-time data also helps in better tracking and forecasting of costs, resource utilisation and project schedule.

    Real-time construction insights that are based on the cloud provide easy access to information and data from any location, enabling real-time collaboration and data sharing among your teams.


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      Real-Time integrated construction insights

      Live Progress Tracking

      Advanced analytics

      Streamline communication

      Manage your team

      Cloud-based Softwares

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      One of the biggest successes we had was that it really takes just 5 minutes to onboard our foreman to the system. And we never really thought to be able to draw insights from actual progress, project schedule, budget data in a single dashboard.
      Ross McConnelFaulkner Constructions

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