Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Supply chains are becoming integrated, complicated today, with many organizations working together to supply, process and deliver products to consumers.

In addition to offering businesses to respond quickly and easily to economic, technical and market fluctuations, a resilient supply chain may also help companies gain a competitive advantage. The purpose of a reliable supply chain is to mitigate the adverse effects on sales, costs and consumers of these disruptions.

We offer supply chain consultancy services that support the development and management of high-performance, stable supply chains that generate sustainability, and profitability, even in the context of major, substantial change.

Its not the Organizations that are competing. Its the Supply Chains that are competing.– Wael Safwat, SCMAO

Service Offering in Multiple Areas:

In several different sectors, we have assisted the company:
  • Conquer on efficiency limitations
  • Overcome the Pressure Margin
  • Using the digital technologies
  • Supply chain strategies completely adapted to their strategic ambition

Key Strength

  • Winning Supply Chain Strategy:  we fully integrate your business objectives and then work with you to build supply chain strategies for a higher competitive advantage. Reduced costs, enhanced agility, greater versatility and accessibility will improve profitability and productivity.
  • Supply Chain Assessment: We measure the performance with a full range of quantitative and qualitative assessments. We rigorously analyze performance levels using product profiles, sizes, growth rates, supply chain cost, service standards, IT tools and technology.
  • Inventory Optimization: Our experts will create an implementation strategy to minimize capital expenditure and increase inventory size. We will enable you to capture any opportunity available on-demand while maximizing the use of cash.
  • Logistics Management: We provide end-to-end logistics consulting solutions to enhance productivity over the supply chain. We assist you during the logistics cycle, quality control, regulatory compliance, audit reports and invoices generations.
  • Supply Chain Risk Management: Our Risk Management Supply Chain services help customers to assess, manage and mitigate risk for better business outcomes in a productive manner. Our supply chain helps you find the supply networks, detect risks, analyze them in advance to minimize risks, and ensure business processes.