Together with our clients, Aurion Systems works to predict disruptions in the industry, innovate, implement a unique perspective on agricultural trends and opportunities, and create proven, effective business models. We have served many initiatives in the agricultural industry and consistently achieved superior performance.

To minimize soil erosion and nutrient losses, we help farmers maximize soil fertility, detect and control pests, and maintain the land. We believe in farming, scientific decision-making and that every one of us is inspiring for today’s farmers and future generations.

No race can prosper until it learns there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.– Booker T Washington

What Are We Doing?

We rely on our industry experience and our process of designing and execute strategies that produce the best results. We have a global network of professionals in the field of agri-business, and we work together with agricultural companies to solve agricultural opportunities, including:

  • The producers of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers
  • Bio-fuel
  • Protein (beef, pork, chicken, fish)
  • Dairy Services
  • Crops (wheat, rice, corn, oilseeds, sugarcane)
  • Equipment for agriculture (tractors, facilities for grain processing)

Latest Technology and Techniques

The agricultural industry is rapidly evolving. In the next decades, global demand would need an increase of 50 percent in large crops. New land sources are scarce; higher yields are essential for meeting growing overall demand. The most popular agricultural companies have traditionally taken part in many supply chain segments or achieved a wide scale in a specific area.

In the future, businesses will need to compete in an increasingly complex climate, including growing competition for capital as renewable fuels, increased environmental pressure on agricultural technology, and rival government priorities to minimize maximum global returns and trade flows. Aurion Systems  partners with businesses to solve these and several other pressing challenges to produce positive results.

Service Area:

  • Consulting on the harvest – Our independent agricultural experts use science-based knowledge to develop a customer-friendly program.
  • The planning of the environment – establish nutrient implementation strategies and provide an essential tool for agriculture to strike an equilibrium suitable for agriculture and the environment.
  • The soil sampling – a professional team can efficiently and reliably increase fertility on your farm.
  • Agriculture with precision – Site-specific agricultural planning based on field variability management.
  • Sampling materials – Good data on fertility and nutrient management with good samples.