Improved visibility and decision-making without switching screens

  • ePPM-Integration-Reporting

Improved visibility and decision-making without switching screens


  • Efficient ways to manage projects and track progress.
  • Consolidate scattered information among spreadsheets, individual documents, and email chains.
  • Automate meeting deadlines which require manual effort to update calendars and follow up with project owners.


Our customer has more than 60 years of experience in healthcare and is currently serving in NSW, WA, and Tasmania with biological and pharmaceutical products designed to promote animal health and agricultural productivity.

  • Industry Healthcare
  • Location Australia
  • Size 50-100

Benefits Realised

  1. Visibility Increased to 100%
  2. Single source-of-truth (Integrated 4 systems)
  3. Reporting Manhours reduced by 300 HRS

Voice of Customer

We use different software and platforms for different parts of projects which made it hard to keep the team on the same page and responding to change took considerable efforts and cost us dearly. Visibility was not there and a lot of manual work was needed to make it visible.

Vice President


  • Having different systems for different parts of the business meant there was a lot of scattered information. This made the flow of information very slow and outdated.
  • There was a need for a Single source of truth where each system instead of working in its own silo, communicates with each other.
  • Reporting done manually was a daunting task and often took a week for preparing and thus reducing its useability for better and proactive decision making.

Our Approach

  • We worked with the company to develop a model to integrate our strategic map, the project processes, and the process indicators in just one or two tools.
  • With our expertise in integration, we managed to consolidate all information around project status and budget from start to finish in our platform.
  • Creating a single source of truth and running reports from there gave clear visibility across the different soiled systems in the organization.

How we solved it?

Want to see our solution?

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Words from our customer

Never knew that all the information we had was already in the system, they just never talk to each other. With the help of the Aurion system, visibility was achieved.

Vice President

The integration worked wonders, now we could see different data from different systems to get meaningful insights with the help of Aurion’s solution

Associate Director

How to start and not stop?

I would recommend starting simply by just taking this approach, which has negligible risk, simple and yet an amazingly effective positive step towards our goal of a proactive strategy

A) Take pen-paper or manual method (start now)

Start implementing the recommended strategy using your existing technology resources for a known and low-risk segment of Suppliers within your business to find out what works and what doesn’t. Indeed, this causes efforts, but this will pave the way for better clarity around unknown risks.

B) Take help from us

If you are ready to make a shift from reactive/preventive strategies to proactive strategies and stay ahead of the competition, let’s get in touch.

Looking to avoid HASSLE and bring FLEXIBILITY, let’s talk?

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Pradeep Mishra – Business Consulting Director, Aurion Systems