• real time construction insights
real time construction insights

Transforming Construction Project Outcomes with Insights


  • Efficient ways to manage projects and track actual work progress at site
  • Process mapping to identify existing bottlenecks
  • Single system of records from existing construction & project management systems
  • Automate meeting deadlines which required manual effort to update calendars and follow up with project owners


Our customer is an Auckland based residential builder specializing in Architectural new homes and renovations. They are proudly in the business of building dream homes and have earned a reputation for being one of the best.

  • Industry Construction
  • Location New Zealand
  • Size 200-500

Benefits Realised

  1. Task Reminders Automated – 100%
  2. Budgeting Accuracy Improvement – 71%
  3. Decision Making Accuracy Improvement – 48%
  4. Reporting Manhours reduced by 60%

Voice of Customer

We use Procore and MS Project for project financials, timesheets, and project schedule. For actual progress, our site managers and project manager coordinate with each other on a weekly basis. In recent projects our labor costs budget overshoot by 50%, and 3-months delay in the site handover. We had a direct revenue loss and loss of reputation in the market.

General Manager – Residential Projects


  • The current project management process does not provide any insights on whether a task being performed is going to be completed later than actually scheduled and/or the cost associated with it.
  • Time and again there has been major labor costs blowouts resulting from inaccurate reporting of tasks progress against the budget. 
  • The added complexity is due to the broken communication between siloed systems which makes reporting a lot harder task and any custom reports requires experts which is an added cost.
  • The management team committed to address the serious gap that exists in the actual progress being made at site against the budget to keep tap of Labor Costs.

Our Approach

  • We understood that the business is highly sensitive to having good visibility of project costs, and requires an early insight on the likelihood of cost overrun based on the actual labor efforts put on site.
  • With our expertise in integration, we managed to consolidate all information around project status and budget from start to finish in our platform.
  • This gave them a comprehensive view and maximum transparency across the project at ground level and its direct impact on cost in real-time.

How we solved it?

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Words from our customer

Within the 1st month of implementing the Real-time Integrated Insights Solution, we got our project schedule and finances under control. Our customer experiences begin to change immediately – for the better!

General Manager – Residential Projects

We got the pulse of Cost and Schedule in the 1st month itself

Program Manager

How to start and not stop?

I would recommend starting simply by just taking this approach, which has negligible risk, simple and yet an amazingly effective positive step towards our goal of a proactive strategy

A) Take pen-paper or manual method (start now)

Start implementing the recommended strategy using your existing technology resources for a known and low-risk segment of Suppliers within your business to find out what works and what doesn’t. Indeed, this causes efforts, but this will pave the way for better clarity around unknown risks.

B) Take help from us

If you are ready to make a shift from reactive/preventive strategies to proactive strategies and stay ahead of the competition, let’s get in touch.

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Pradeep Mishra – Business Consulting Director, Aurion Systems